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Legislative Affairs Committee

Committee Chairs - Howard Sofjan

The committee is open to the student body and meets in the Student Union Building. 

Wednesdays 2 PM to 3 PM in SU 204 

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The Legislative Affairs Committee is central to handling legislative activities on campus and amplifying the student voice in university affairs. This committee is dedicated to identifying student issues and devising strategic solutions or resolutions to address them effectively. It acts as a crucial intermediary between the student body and the university administration, advocating for changes that enhance student life and academic experience. Furthermore, the committee facilitates dialogue through discussions, enabling students to be actively involved in the governance processes that affect their daily lives and future at the university.

Current Projects

Past Projects

Voter Registration

In a joint effort with the Building Committee, the Legislative Affairs Committee spearheaded a voter registration drive on campus ahead of the primary elections. Committee members designed flyers and set up informational booths to raise awareness about the importance of voting. They also promoted the use of an on-campus kiosk for voter registration, ensuring students were informed and encouraged to participate in the electoral process.

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