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The 28th General Assembly of the Student Senate for Community Colleges was held in Santa Clara, CA. The event attracted over 700 students and advisors and featured more than 40 workshops. The opening ceremonies included a Land Acknowledgement and remarks from Chancellor Dr. Sonya Christian and Student Trustee Nicole Nguyen. The first day saw the nomination of 35 students for board officer positions and the awarding of the California Community College Board of Governors' student leadership award to four students. The second day included a student panel on anti-racism and presentations on higher education access, while the final day focused on the election of board officers and resolution voting.​

Washington, April 5th to April 7th, 2024,

Next Year: Los Angeles, April 4 - 6, 2025


ASDVC Participation and Outcomes

  • During the 28th General Assembly of the Student Senate for Community Colleges, ASDVC had a significant presence and achieved notable outcomes. Former DVC President for the 2022-2023 school year was elected as the SSCCC President, marking a key leadership advancement for ASDVC. Additionally, Brandon Maskey was elected as the Region 3 Legislative Affairs Director, further strengthening ASDVC's influence in regional student governance.​

  • ASDVC members actively participated in the event by voting on various resolutions and engaging in multiple presentations. Their involvement not only contributed to the overall discourse but also enhanced their knowledge and expertise in critical areas impacting community colleges. These activities underscore ASDVC's commitment to shaping policy and advocating for student interests at the state level.  


ASDVC Participations


Participants: Ashley Alvarez, Guadalupe Lopez Villegas, Jennifer Mendoza Lopez, Brandon Maskey, Qifeng Shao, Howard Sofjan, Juan Pablo Miranda, Cristian Ruiz Navarro, Caitlynn Hibbard, Ting Ting Wang

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