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The American Student Association for Community Colleges (ASACC) is the national association for community college student leaders, offering networking, advocacy, and leadership development opportunities. Exclusive to community college students, ASACC provides resources such as discounted conference registration and updates on federal policies. With its unique structure and potential to become the largest student voice in postsecondary education, ASACC is instrumental in shaping the future of education.

Washington, DC, March 16 –19, 2024,

Next Year: March 15 - 17, 2025


2024 Participants

Participants: Ashley Alvarez, Howard Sofjan, Jennifer Mendoza Lopez, Brandon Maskey, Qifeng Shao, Howard Sofjan, Juan Pablo Miranda, Cristian Ruiz Navarro, Caitlynn Hibbard, Ting Ting Wang


ASDVC Participation


ASDVC, the student body of Diablo Valley College, aims to enhance its understanding of government advocacy through active participation in the conference. With a focus on grasping legislative intricacies and effective advocacy strategies, ASDVC seeks to engage with representatives and promote civic engagement among students for the betterment of the student community.

Activities and Learnings

  • Attended seminars on the government advocacy process, gaining insight into the intricacies of legislation.

  • Participated in discussions on policy issues concerning student community welfare and shared perspectives from Diablo Valley College.

  • Explored success stories from other colleges and best practices for advocacy and civic engagement.


  • ASDVC plans to establish regular communication channels with local representatives to advocate for student-centric policies.

  • The organization aims to host workshops to educate students on advocacy techniques and encourage active participation in civic engagement.

  • ASDVC will collaborate with other student organizations to amplify their advocacy efforts and achieve common goals.​


Anupriya Islam

"The experience was nothing short of transformative. It offered me a unique platform to engage with students from community colleges across the nation, each bringing their own stories and insight."

Aurell Iskander

"I genuinely wished that every college could bring more people to DC because the insights, the experience, and the knowledge & skillsets that you gain during the trip really is important and beneficial for the future."

Brandon Maskey

"This trip allowed me to further my passion in civic affairs and granted me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak with sitting members of the United States Congress and their staff."

Visiting the Capitol Building

2024 Wasington D.C. Delegation

2024 Wasington D.C. Delegation

Washington Video 1

Washington DC Video 2

Washington DC Video 2

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