The Textbook Prices Ad-hoc Committee is having its first meeting tomorrow from 1:00-2:00 P.M. in Student Union Building Conference Room 202B.

It's not too late to stop by and see what this committee's about so click on the agenda and Facebook me if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about this committee!
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Just refresher for today's meeting to help things go more smoothly. There is a lot to learn but getting this first part down will lay the foundation for the additional procedures.

Parliamentary Procedure 101:

The CHAIR of the meeting holds the gavel (Wooden Hammer) and is at the front of the room. This person does not vote unless there is a tie. Other than that, this person only runs the meeting and calls on Board Members who request to speak.

The BOARD is comprised of every voting member of ASDVC. Every BOARD MEMBER gets one vote per action.

Meeting QUORUM means that a minimum of MORE THAN HALF of recorded members of the board must be present before the official meeting may begin.

***How to Make a Motion: This starts the ball rolling on a Board action.

A Board Member Says: "I MOVE" to...
... approve the agenda.
... approve the 10/25/2015 Minutes.
... approve up to $1,000 for the DVC Club Sample Event.

Next, another Board Member must say "SECOND" to activate the motion. Once a Motion is seconded, it becomes possession of the entire board.

Next, the item is opened for DISCUSSION by the Chair.

The person who made the motion has the privilege to speak first.

After discussing the item, it comes to a vote.

The Chair calls on each person for thier vote. Say "AYE" (sounds like eye) for yes vote. Say "NO" for no vote. Say "ABSTAIN" if your vote is neutral.

After the vote is collected, the Chair announces if the Motion has been "ADOPTED" (Passed), or "NOT ADOPTED" (Not Passed).
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Greetings all,

First off, I want to sincerely thank the 2015-2016 ASDVC board for electing me as your new president. I am humbled by your confidence that I will be able to represent the 22,000 students and to lead this amazing board for this academic year.

Next, I am excited to pronounce some of my goals for 2015 fall semester and I hope to implement them through and well:
1) Organize more on campus student life activities.
2) Come up with concrete and tangible solutions to lower or alter textbook prices here in DVC.
3) Seek ways to resolve traffic issues at the beginning of each semester.
4) advocate for a peaceful space for students to interact and to learn about others culture.
5) Increase the professionality of the board.

Lastly, I would like to end this announcement with an exciting video I made.

P.S: Please feel free to stop me at any time on campus if you see me! You can talk to me about any concerns or issues you may have.
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The SSCCC has regularly organized and held an annual march at the capital with the exception of this year. They decided against the march but the students at the event still wanted to march. So we did :)

Next March, let's ensure we do what the students in this system wish to do, march for our education.
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